European Community Whole Vehicle Type Approval is the process of approving new vehicles.
It is a European wide certification scheme that confirms a vehicle will meet specific standards, as well as ensuring vehicles are safer and have a lower impact on the environment.

No new vehicle can be registered for use on the road without first being built and approved to the current regulations.

Since the inception of the Type Approval process in the UK, Essex Bodies have worked tirelessly to provide our customers with the required certification in the shortest possible time.

We are pleased to say the not only do we hold our own Approvals for self certification from the VCA but that Essex Bodies are one of the Founder Members of the VBTA.

The VBTA is a company that was set up by 10 independant Body Builders to hold and update approvals for the vast majority of Manufactures Chassis and to provide its members with the most up to date information on vehicle regulations and new leglislation.

This forward thinking approach ensures our customers get their vehicles built and completed to the very latest regulations and standards without the need to use the more protracted IVA system.